piatok 28. septembra 2012

Midsummer nights dream replica and other

hello my cuties :)) did you see a new Midsummer night s dream replica from Dream of lolita? ....erm , I dont like replicas very much, but this one is soo pretty! I LOVE this print and I am really thinking about to buy it,, but I need money! :D ,, and, I still dont know cause its replica :/
what do you think?? please help me ,, :D  ,,, (and if you think I should buy it , which colourway is prettier, black or white? or navy blue?  :D )

isnt that pretty? even that shape of dress is sooo nice :)
you can  find this jsk on Qutieland
urghhh and another dresses and stuff I want from qutieland ./ :/ ,,

 this one is my favourite for looong time, it reminds me a dresses from moitie

thiiis cute sweet op in mint ,, it is soo girly and kawaii I wanna die  .D

I like this one because it looks so elegant and still sweet ,, and that colour is great

they have many pretty blouses, but my favourite is this one,, I hope I will own it one day,, maybe

and I MUUUST have this gorgeous bonnet,, just must :D :D

I think thats everything for todays post, so Pleaaaaase help me to advise and choose , because I think Im lost in this beutiful clothes :D :D ,, nice day :) :)

nedeľa 16. septembra 2012

Summer loli meet up :)

hello there , I was at my first loli meet up this summer, and I really liked it :) ,, It was the time when I didnt feel in lolita like outsider cause all of that people who make a fun of you and have ugly remarks to your outfit.  All of Slovak lolitas I ve met, was really nice and kind and they had beautiful otfits :)  . Here are some photos from meet-up :) .

This is our small, but cute group :)

 from left: me, Nexus, Neko-chan, Romča, Nataly, Sysa, Dada, Bašky, and Ayu :)
 me with Romča :)
 oh, and she is wearing my handmade dress and handmade bonnet,, Isnt she cute on it? :) :)

I love this photo :3

we bought bubble tea which was great! :) :D

.... and here is my outfit:
blouse: offbrand
corset: offbrand
skirt: handmade
wrisfcuffs, socks: handmade
shoes: bodyline
accesoriess: offbrand, bodyline, gate

thats all :) thanks for weawing :))

Looong vlog about my summer receives

Hello my sweeties :))) ,, I wanted to do this post in summer, but I was too lazy, so i am going to do it now. In august was my birthday, soo I receive many new things, for which I am really happy. :D  Ok, so lets see

at first, some of my new fabrics ,, they re so pretty :)

 I found this beautiful wedding dress with veil and scarf in second hand, and I fell in love with it :D ,, I still dont know how, but Im going to remade it to a lolita dress (maybe :D ) ,, it has sooo many lace on it :D

than some of my handmade sfuff:
 Bonnet wit detachable bow with pears, bloomers , lace socks and wristcuffs :D

and skirt I made for my friend Romča :)

 blak lace cardigan, grey skirt, white cardigan, ceam short summer dress

 mori kei summer dress , red dress
 black blouse, pink corset, black corset, black dress
 ruffle shirt, purple skirt with stars (it cant be seen on photo) , short dress with flowers, sweet shirt
 red and light blue wig, extensions, bows, pink parasol/ umbrella , and just old umbrella which looks really good :D :D :D

my beautiful parasol I love so much :))

and my new shoes, which I wear really often :D

I hope you liked my new items,, Please follow me and write a coment, I will be really grateful :) :) :)

pondelok 10. septembra 2012

Few lolita movies I know

hello to everyoneee :) !! I want to put on this blog soo many different articles,but I just dont have time to it right now :// . But I decide to write this short article about some lolita serials, films or just short movies. I dont  know many of them, so if someone watched any other loli films, please put title in coment :)) thanks a lot ....
and now, the films:

1. Kamikaze girls - I think that most of lolitas know this film, I watched it at least five times xDDD .. It is funny, sometimes maybe too much, but still really good for a comfort evening :) ,, If you didnt watch it and you like funny and also nice story about two friends with reaally diferent styles and characters, ou should watch it :D . oh, and main feature is wearing dresses and stuff from Baby, the stars shine bright.

2. Deka Wanko - funny serial about lolita who is somethink like inspector, and she has extremely great smell. I think I didnt like first part of firt episode too much, because I really didnt know what is that all about, but ist really pretty film. she helps to many people and ...... just watch it :D :D    yeah , and actress is soo cute :)) 
... Wanko is wearing dresses from Angelic pretty, Bodyline, and maybe some another brands I dont know :) 
,,, and it has many chapters, I think 11 or 12? I m not sure..,

3.  Mister Rococo- it is just short movie I found on youtube :D ,, At the begining it was soo nice and cute, but the end was really surprising and that person who made it, mist have great but strange imagination :D :D .. I dont know,, I like it, but it is just sooooooooooo strange :D :D ,, hope that I will b not like her :D  Kamii samaa tasuketeeeee! 
she is wearing clothes from Baby

hmmm is that all???? really dont know if I didint forgot something :/ :D
never mind :D ,, ok, thats all, please coment, I will be very glad :)) ,, and, of course I hope you liked it :))

If you need links to any of this films, write me in coment and I put it here too :))