pondelok 7. januára 2013

Christmas presents

Hello my dears, I finally took photos of my christmas presents so I show them to you :) . I had great christmas and holidays, which I spent with my fmily and friends, I aslo wore lolita few times, but forgot to take photos of my outfits :/ . I hope all of you had great time. Here is what Ive got :

First present is from my father, the Btssb jsk, the name of the dress is Rose bouquet Nia , it looks really cute, I am s happy I own them :)

My uncle bought me these cute bodyline shoes, they came in box, they dont have any damage and colour is very pretty .

 My friend gave me this wonderful skirt, I already worn it once and I love it :))

My grandma bought for me lolita sewing book! There are many great designs.

My mum gave me these pretty fabrics, small angel box, false eylashes and porcellain doll. yay :D

 I was very suprised how many presents I ve got and I love all of them . I hope you like them too

and today I close this with two photos of my dog Betty on the second one she is yawning so its really funny how it looks :D :D . Nice day to all of you :)

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