pondelok 22. apríla 2013

Animeshow 2013 (march)

Hello my dears, I am sorry that I dont make any posts last few mounths , but I have quiet hard school this year ( and I cant imagine what it will be another year, when I will have my graduation exams xDD ) , but I hve so many things I want to show you :) . I decided that today I will show you my outfits from Animeshow, which is great convention in Slovakia, where I go every year. I dont have my own photos (I forgot to take pictures ) , so all of them I just found on their facebook page :) .  Despite the fact that I was sick and was on antibiotics, I had a great time and met great people :) :) 

with my friend Romča :) she is soo cute and sweet :) :D

With Neko-chan ,, I love her outfits, she looks great as always :) and here I look horrible :D but never mind, it is only photo we took together

and all other photos I found, were just something like this xD

and I found photo with similar oufit, I had just different headbow :) (this one is handmade by me)
Jsk: Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse, Shoes: Bodyline
Bag, Socks, Headband, Wristcuffs: Handmade by me
Tights: Ebay

This photo was taken in the evening, so I look kind of tired 
 Skirt: Angelic pretty
Blouse,Socks: Bodyline
Headdress, Wristcuffs: Handmade by me
Shoes: Antaina
Pony bag: Oo jia
Wig: Ebay

here you can see cute headdress I made myself, I like it so much :)

and with two cute new Slovak lolis :) they were so pretty :)

I bought just few posters and keychains, so I didnt tke photo of it :)

I hope you like my outfits,and I will be happy if you write a comment :) Nice day to all of you :)

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  1. Koukám, že nejen Ty, ale všechny slovenské lolity jsou nádherné! A Tvé outfity jsou pohádkové~

    1. ďakujeme veľmi pekne, áno všetky boli krásnučké :) ,, som rada že sa ti moje outfity páčia :)

  2. Hello! ^^ I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! ^^