sobota 10. augusta 2013

Summer lolita meet-up

Hi my dears, I hope you all have a great summer just like me :) I am just at home most of days, because it is so hot outside that Im even lazier than usual (and I bet no one is as lazy as me :D ) , I lay and watch anime, read fanfictions and books and sometimes I go out with friends :) With few other friends we organized small lolita meet-up in Žilina for the first time (usually we have meet-ups in Bratislava) and I need to say that people living there suprised me, they were friendly and kind, no one took photo of us without asking :) . All photos in this article made Sysa ( ) , but I have permision to post them here :) .

We met on a station and went in a shopping mall. We decided to take a look in a store called Koton and found there a lot of beautiful clothes and accessories.
We found comfortable coffee house and spent there a lot of time drinking yumi coctails and talking.

 When we walked trough the streets, we accidentally found ourselves at the wedding, and even bride stared at us, so we were given more attention than poor bride :D .

Sysa and her beautiful hat :)

Me, Nexus, Sysa and Rinako , trying to make duckface xD :D

It was very hot day and at the end we were very tired. But it was great day.

My outfit:
OP and headbow: Baby, the stars shine bright
Deco dream pony bag: Oo jia
Shoes: Bodyline
Wristcuffs, socks, star: handmade by me
Necklace : present

And just detail

I hope you like it   :)

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  1. Hi sweetie! Hope you're well! I've heard on the news about your high temperatures! I hate hot weather :S
    Anyway, you all look lovely, and you look beyond cute and adorable in your outfit! I also love the umbrella :)
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend and a great week full of things that makes your heart happy<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

    1. Hi my dear! Thank you for your lovely comment ^_^ . yes, I also hate hot weather :( you are so tired from it that you cant do anything :D ,,
      thank you soo much! :)
      I hope you will also have great week with lot of fun! :) :)

      Nice day ^_^

  2. Všem vám to ohromně slušelo <3 Musel to být krásný sraz!

    1. ďakujeme :) <3 bol to veľmi pohodový a príjemný deň, už sa teším na ďalší :) :D