utorok 10. júla 2012

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

Hi :D I am going to do 30 days lolita challenge. I wanted do this challenge long time ago, but I was so lazy and I still dont know what to write about my lolita bubble :D :D . But want to do other days soo here is first one:

1.I am into lolita fashion only a short time, I think its not either a year, but I had feeling that I am lolita till was small, I really find myself   in lolita :)
2. I am not everyday lolita, but I want to be
3. I like sewing lolita dresses and another lolita clothing
4. I love the most sweet lolita
5. I cant live without big skirts andbeautiful prints
6. I like everything what is sweet, cute, beautiful, extravagant,... and all of this lolita has
7. When i am wearing lolita I have feeling that I am spesial, that I musnt live in a reality with many bad causes
8. I cant imagine live without lolita
9. I hope i could be lolita when I ll be older 
10. And I hope too, that once would people look at lolita like to something nice :)

it is not too good, but either not that bad as I thought. :D :D

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