streda 11. júla 2012

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

hello :)  It will be hard to choose only 10 things, cause I lovethaat much about lolita :D  But, I try to choose :D

1. Detailing (I mean everything,, lace, print, accesories,... )
2. Adorable prints
3. Big full skirts
4. Colourfulness
5. Looking like a doll
6. that it is something diferent compared  to another styles
7. Bonnets, I absolutely love them
8. Cute things like frills, laces, bows, soft colours
9. That there isnt only a one type of lolita but there are many types, and every style looks so diferent
10. Shoes

I love this picture :)  :D
I dont own the picture. I have it from:

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