piatok 24. augusta 2012

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita

1. Internet,, if I didnt have internet, Ill never know about lolita .. and then here are all of online shops
2. Money,, lolita is really expensive, so I need money
3. OPs , just LOVE them!
4. Parasol,, in sunny summer days I cant live without parasol , just cant :D
5. Petticoats,, without  them doesnt have skirt cute cake shape :)
6. Cute sweet prints!
7. Loli shoes,, I started like shoes, when I bought one pair of loli shoes,, most of them are soo pretty :3
8. Sewing and sewing machine,, it makes me fun when I sew my own models
9. Loli blouses,, they have soo kawaii collar! I dont like any other blouses, but that loli are really nice :)
10. Other slovak lolitas,, all of them were so nice, and Im hapy when I can be with them,  its really different cause I feel more safely, not like when Im somewhere as a lolita alone.

    Kawaiiii :3

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