nedeľa 26. augusta 2012

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style

this is a little hard for me, cause I never had feeling that someone inspired me, or, that I was inspired from any specific loli. But I can put here lolitas, which style of wearing this style I like :)

1. Herajika ,,, her outfits are really gorgeous!!! :) just love all of her coords and dresses.

2.  Misako Aoki ,, sooo cute ^^

3. Shelby Cloud ,, cause i liked her videos and she looks pretty :)

4. Cyril Lumboy / Dolldeligh ,,, she is amazing dress designer! ,, loove her work ^^

5. One on the left (dont know her name),, because she is the most cute lolita I have ever seen ^^

6.  Karin Hoshikawa ,, kawaii loli :) , and all of her photos are great :)

7. author of New Vogue Children blog ,, I like her blog and she has pretty and ellegant coordinates :)

8. Rinako ,,, because she looks like a doll ^^ ^^ 

9. Momoko from Kamikaze girls

 10. dont know her name, but she was the first lolita Ive ever seen,, and then ňi fell in love... :D :)  (btw she wears my dreamdress :D )

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