štvrtok 23. augusta 2012

My handmade items

Konbanwa :) today I want to show you most of my handmade items I made :) I dont have many handmade clothes and Im still not very good in sewing but I like it :) :D and I hope you will like some of my work too :) 

left: Ending flowers ,, it was my first handmade dress ever :D ,, it doesnt look great but I still like it 
right: Shining fruit ,, I LOVE this fabric soo much! 

It doesnt look good on photo but it is my long summer dress which is one of my favourite from non loli dresses :D ,, oh and sorry for my foot :D

 left: Hana no hime ,, I think this dress is soo cute :)
right: my first handmade yukata/ kimono with long sleeves ,, it looks better when its worn
with this dress I made detachable sleeves, detachable bow and detachable ruffle thing on neck or bust ( just dont know how its called xD ) and big hairbow :) 

left: Fairy from ocean ,, I just try to sew something different, but still cute and lolitaish 
right: Dark moon,,  once it will be Jsk :D

left: Lady-bug ,, I think its my first handmade skirt? or not? xD
right: skirt which can be used like petticoat ,,I sewed it for my friend :)

left: Summer melody ,, skirt great for summer :)
right: Sora ,, skirt which I sometimes use like petticoat

and just some of my handmade accesories :D 

At last but not least,  my handmade bonnets which i reaaaaally like :) I loove bonnets :D :D

So, it is evrything for today, please comment, Ill be very happy :) :D

4 komentáre:

  1. I love this pink lace skirt,things from white fabric with blue roses and bonnets ^___^

  2. Óóó! Mne sa tiež strašne páči tá ružová sukňa - Summer melody! A aj tie šaty Hana no Hime sú prekrásne! Chcela by som ťa v nich vidieť :D

    1. jeejo ďakujem :) nooo snáď si ich niekedy oblečiem :) :D