nedeľa 16. septembra 2012

Summer loli meet up :)

hello there , I was at my first loli meet up this summer, and I really liked it :) ,, It was the time when I didnt feel in lolita like outsider cause all of that people who make a fun of you and have ugly remarks to your outfit.  All of Slovak lolitas I ve met, was really nice and kind and they had beautiful otfits :)  . Here are some photos from meet-up :) .

This is our small, but cute group :)

 from left: me, Nexus, Neko-chan, Romča, Nataly, Sysa, Dada, Bašky, and Ayu :)
 me with Romča :)
 oh, and she is wearing my handmade dress and handmade bonnet,, Isnt she cute on it? :) :)

I love this photo :3

we bought bubble tea which was great! :) :D

.... and here is my outfit:
blouse: offbrand
corset: offbrand
skirt: handmade
wrisfcuffs, socks: handmade
shoes: bodyline
accesoriess: offbrand, bodyline, gate

thats all :) thanks for weawing :))

6 komentárov:

  1. Dievča s paraplíčkom je Ayu :)

    Super bolo, som rada, že sa páčilo, teším sa na ďalší spoločný meet! (Dala by som si bubble tea, och! :D)

    1. ok ,idem to hneď prepísať :D :D
      aj ja sa teším :) :3 ,, noo veru by som si dala, len romča vravela že to tam uź nie je :/ :/

  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. I absolutelly loved ur outfit ^^ gothic lolita suits you,btw mana-sama blue

    1. thank youuu darling :) :* , your outfit was great and sooo cute too :) :) , I love the most sweet lolita but gothic and classic is not bad too :)