piatok 28. septembra 2012

Midsummer nights dream replica and other

hello my cuties :)) did you see a new Midsummer night s dream replica from Dream of lolita? ....erm , I dont like replicas very much, but this one is soo pretty! I LOVE this print and I am really thinking about to buy it,, but I need money! :D ,, and, I still dont know cause its replica :/
what do you think?? please help me ,, :D  ,,, (and if you think I should buy it , which colourway is prettier, black or white? or navy blue?  :D )

isnt that pretty? even that shape of dress is sooo nice :)
you can  find this jsk on Qutieland
urghhh and another dresses and stuff I want from qutieland ./ :/ ,,

 this one is my favourite for looong time, it reminds me a dresses from moitie

thiiis cute sweet op in mint ,, it is soo girly and kawaii I wanna die  .D

I like this one because it looks so elegant and still sweet ,, and that colour is great

they have many pretty blouses, but my favourite is this one,, I hope I will own it one day,, maybe

and I MUUUST have this gorgeous bonnet,, just must :D :D

I think thats everything for todays post, so Pleaaaaase help me to advise and choose , because I think Im lost in this beutiful clothes :D :D ,, nice day :) :)

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  1. Óóó, mne sa najviac asi ľúbia tie modravé šaty nad blúzou, tie sú úplne krásne, idem prehľadať ten Qutieland a pozisťovať ceny :D

    Každý má ale iný vkus, tak nvm, či ti môže niekto iný poradiť :) Aj keď v lolite je toľko krásnych vecí, že by jeden bral všetky, takže sa ti rada na druhej strane zíde :D