sobota 17. novembra 2012

Handmade skirt Im selling, my new skirt and older photos of me :)

Hello my dears! :) I want to show you my new skirt I bought, than a skirt I made and some adapted photos of me (I just couldnt sleep yesterday and I found editor of pictures in my phone :D :) )

I start with the skirt I bought from Slovak lolita brand Lorinoko,, the skirt is very lovely, print is awesome and cute :3 :)
 the name of skirt is Dryas nix,, Yami version (version with black lace )

few details of the print

I sewed new skirt Im going to sell :)
 The name of skirt is Poison of love ,,, I think the fabric is very pretty, so I hope someone would like it and will buy it :)    (the price is 13 eur without shipping )

this is the fabric Im working with at the moment, it will be classic skirt with many lace ( probably apron skirt :) ) :

an the photos :D :

 and with different style

I think it looks little strange, but I like it :D :3 :)

thats all for today :) I hope all of you had great day :) see you soon :)

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  1. The dyras nyx skirt is so pretty!
    I have seen that fabric somewhere before and was tempted to buy it <3

    1. If you know Dolldelight, she used the same fabric for her dress, so maybe you have seen that :) :)