pondelok 12. novembra 2012

Few things I bought

hello my dears! :) Im really bored and dont know what to do ( oh, yes I know I have to learn about 20 sites of history, but Im lazy and tired and Im trying to do anything but not learn :D :D please help me :D ) , so I show you few small things I found in my town :) .

 I start with this cute shoes for summer (they were on sale, I had to buy them :D )

than my kitty things :3 kitty block, cup, hello kitty wrapping paper and two hello kitty  rings :3 :3

Other day I used my last false eylashes, so I needed to buy new one :D,, for the first time I bought false nails,, and than dark red lipstick and pink cheeks blush :) , my mother bought me little cute crown :)

this is my new kawaii pink bodyline cutsew I bought from Rinako :) thank you :))
I found this pretty bow for 1 euro :) I like it :)

at the end just photo from yesterday, it was so nice weather, and look at that clouds :D it looks like big fluffy ball :)

Hope you had great day, see you soon :3 :)

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