štvrtok 1. novembra 2012

I made new dress! :3

Hello  cutieees, today I finished my another handmade dress and I really like it :3 :3 ,, on photos it looks like blue fabric, but it is more green :) ,, and than I am going to show you my another handmade jsk, on which I am working now, I dont know when I ll finish it , and my outfit :)

I think it doesnt look that good on photos, but here it is :)

 with my handmade matching bonnet nd detachable bow
 and it has detachable neckties? ( I am not sure, how its called :D ) with a small bows

Now I am sewing this dress, it still doesnt have back and bows, pearls, etc. :D I hope it will look good :D :3

Aand my outfit:

Jsk, Blouse, Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: handmade
Bonnet: handmade by Dada
Tights: ebay (I LOVE THEM! :D )

hope you liked it :) see ya soon :)

14 komentárov:

  1. It's ver nice outfit and you look great! You're so handy both dress are so pretty!

  2. Ten bonet sa mi straaašne páčil, už keď som ho videla prvýkrát, je super, že má už aj svoje šaty, vyzerá to úžasne! Joj, šikovná si, dúfam, že tie šaty uvidím i naživo :D A záverečný outfit je krasotný, už som ho obdivovala na fejse :)

    1. ďakujeeem :) plánujem si ich obliecť na meet up, tak snáď ť nesklamú :) :D

  3. OMG I Love this dress i want such a dress too *-*

  4. Hello from Germany!
    I replied to your comment on my blog, thank you! <3
    That dress is so very awesome, together with the bonnet, it looks so perfect on you! I really envy you for this! Did you use a pattern? Was it hard to sew velvet? I still want to sew a velvet dress for winter :)
    Prajem Ti pekný deň! (I hope this is the right phrase to say "have a nice day" ^^)

    1. yaay Im happy that you like it, thank youu :3 ,, no I did not used pattern, it has just very simple shape, but yeah it was little hard to shirr/frill the top :) ,, oh, you are so nice! :D that phrase is right :D :) ,, you too :)

    2. Thank you for your answer, it is very beautiful!

  5. cute outfit >.<
    i love the first dress and the stocking look cute too ! <3