nedeľa 7. októbra 2012

Random post :)

Hello my dears :)) , yesterday I went shopping with my mother, so I decided to wear a lolita-ish outfit. It was  just casual lolita cause I still dont wear lolita wery often, but I reall want! ,, here is my outfit from that day , my new selfmade skirts,  then some stuff I bought, and just few more photos I want to show you :D :))
(oh, and sory for photos quality, I just dont know what is with my camera)

shirt, cardigan, shoes : offbrand
tights: Takko
bow: (cant be seen) bodyline
skirt: handmade

 there are my handmade skirts,, (the one on left will be Jsk soon!!), and one on right is veery casual for ordinary coords to school and so on :)) ,, oh and name is Rose lullaby :D :)

I sewed another two Jsk too, but I will show you next time :) But I can tell I like them soo much :)

just triyng how it will look like :D :D (but I will sew the top totally different, this was just triyng )

the stuff I bought:
 my new night-dress :) :D I was so happy to found it, it looks super kawaii :3
the details

I also found this white blouse (I didnt have any white blouse so I needed one) ,, when its worn it looks better :D

aaand I bought this GORGEOUS dress which has soo cute colour and shape, Im in love wiht it :) :33
worn pic:
I am sorry, I dont know why is this photo so dark, but you can still see that dress :)

I finally tidy up my screen with fabrics and box with laces :D :D It is unbelievable how big mI had there :D

I found there my first try embroider, but I already gave up, It s just not good at all :D :D
it should be three, but dont know if you can see it :D :/

and I also found my first sewing try ever :D it is so horrible :D :D (then I didnt know lolita, just cosplays :D )

I also tidy up my sweet wardrobe :D ,, and it remainds me i wanted to do a wardrobe post, so maybe soon! :D :))  now just quick look :
(this photo is a little older, so few things are not in picture :) )

And in the end, I want to show you my bunny, she is verry ill now, so PLEASE WISH LUCK FOR HER!!! I really hope she will be all right, so please hope too :))) thanks to all hwo will :))

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  1. Dúfam, že sa zajko čoskoro uzdraví, budem vám držať palce :)

    1. ďakujem, aj ja veľmi dúfam že sa z toho dostane, alebo aby sa jej aspon neprihoršilo, lebo už som tak na dne z toho keď ju vidím :((,, ale stále verím že sa jej ešte dá pomôcť :(

  2. OMG this long dress is beautiful and ur bunny is sooo cute ^^ :)

  3. OMGGGGG i want such a dress tooo :OOOOO