streda 31. októbra 2012

2 outfits

hello my dears! today Im going to show you few photos with my outfit from yesterday  and today. :) ( robili sme prvákom bažantský- imatrikulácie, bolo celkom fajne, ale všetci sa ešte na začiatku tak opili, že asi v polovici nám to profáci zrušili :/ ,, ale dalo sa to čakať :D,, čo už  )

here is my outfit from yesterday:

 Sweater, shirt: offbrand
 Tights: Ebay
 Skirt: Little chilli shop
 Roses: (in hair) Bodyline
 Boots: Deichman

I look here little strange, hehe :D :D ,, but dont know why :D

aand photo with my clasmate and my clasmates when we danced :D  sorry for that strange face :D
:D :D :D

todays outfit:

 Bonnet, Wristcuffs, Socks: Handmade
 Blouse, Tutu, Bow, Shoes: Bodyline
 Tights: Ebay
 Corset, Heart necklace: Offbrand

 or without bonnet

hope you like it, please commen, I will be happy :) :) ,,, and great Haloween for everyone!! :) :)

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