štvrtok, 20. decembra 2012

Lolita in winter (photos)

Hello my dears! I want to show you few (ok, MANY xD) photosof me from my photoshooting that was last weekend :) I dont go in lolita in my town very often, and if I go, than just in very casual lolita outfit, so it was really uncomfortable when all people stares at me and asked for what ocasion is it :D but it was fun :) ,, I hope you will like photos ^^ .

                            Jsk, bonnet, headbow: handmade by me (Antique doll set)
                            Socks, roses: bodyline
                            Coat, shoes, blouse: offbrand

I am really sorry I know that it is like HUUUGE post of photos, but it was so hard for me to reduce 150 photos to less than 20 xDD ,, I still hope you like it , and Ill be very happy if you write a ccomment :) :) ,, Nice day to all of you :)  ^^

streda, 21. novembra 2012

Hello my cuties :) The day before yesterday I finished my other skirt and I think it looks cute ,, here is photo:

 I couldnt made better photos because of bad lithing :/ But I hope you can still see it :) maybe I will post more photos of the skitr soon :)
and me in my new brown wig :3 :)

What do you think about skirt? Please write to the comment, I will be very happy :)

sobota, 17. novembra 2012

Handmade skirt Im selling, my new skirt and older photos of me :)

Hello my dears! :) I want to show you my new skirt I bought, than a skirt I made and some adapted photos of me (I just couldnt sleep yesterday and I found editor of pictures in my phone :D :) )

I start with the skirt I bought from Slovak lolita brand Lorinoko,, the skirt is very lovely, print is awesome and cute :3 :)
 the name of skirt is Dryas nix,, Yami version (version with black lace )

few details of the print

I sewed new skirt Im going to sell :)
 The name of skirt is Poison of love ,,, I think the fabric is very pretty, so I hope someone would like it and will buy it :)    (the price is 13 eur without shipping )

this is the fabric Im working with at the moment, it will be classic skirt with many lace ( probably apron skirt :) ) :

an the photos :D :

 and with different style

I think it looks little strange, but I like it :D :3 :)

thats all for today :) I hope all of you had great day :) see you soon :)

pondelok, 12. novembra 2012

Few things I bought

hello my dears! :) Im really bored and dont know what to do ( oh, yes I know I have to learn about 20 sites of history, but Im lazy and tired and Im trying to do anything but not learn :D :D please help me :D ) , so I show you few small things I found in my town :) .

 I start with this cute shoes for summer (they were on sale, I had to buy them :D )

than my kitty things :3 kitty block, cup, hello kitty wrapping paper and two hello kitty  rings :3 :3

Other day I used my last false eylashes, so I needed to buy new one :D,, for the first time I bought false nails,, and than dark red lipstick and pink cheeks blush :) , my mother bought me little cute crown :)

this is my new kawaii pink bodyline cutsew I bought from Rinako :) thank you :))
I found this pretty bow for 1 euro :) I like it :)

at the end just photo from yesterday, it was so nice weather, and look at that clouds :D it looks like big fluffy ball :)

Hope you had great day, see you soon :3 :)

štvrtok, 1. novembra 2012

I made new dress! :3

Hello  cutieees, today I finished my another handmade dress and I really like it :3 :3 ,, on photos it looks like blue fabric, but it is more green :) ,, and than I am going to show you my another handmade jsk, on which I am working now, I dont know when I ll finish it , and my outfit :)

I think it doesnt look that good on photos, but here it is :)

 with my handmade matching bonnet nd detachable bow
 and it has detachable neckties? ( I am not sure, how its called :D ) with a small bows

Now I am sewing this dress, it still doesnt have back and bows, pearls, etc. :D I hope it will look good :D :3

Aand my outfit:

Jsk, Blouse, Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: handmade
Bonnet: handmade by Dada
Tights: ebay (I LOVE THEM! :D )

hope you liked it :) see ya soon :)