pondelok 17. februára 2020

Lolita wardrobe 2020 part 2

Hi there, today I decided to share with you the rest of my lolita wardrobe. As I am strongly a dress person, I dont really own that many skirts or other things, so there wont be too much :) . I didnt include my accessories as it would be very time consuming and I am not even sure someone would be interested to see, so please if you want to see part 3, leave me a comment and I might think about it :)


BTSSB Fragrant rose memories Carlotte skirt
JETJ blouse

Second-hand skirt altered by me
Chess story blouse

Replica of IW skirt
Anna house blouse

Replica of Btssb skirt
Second-hand blouse

Bodyline skirt
Second-hand blouse

Angelic Pretty Sweet berry skirt
Anna house blouse

Liliet (handmade by me) skirt
Anna house blouse

Liliet (handmade by me) skirt
Second-hand blouse

Second-hand skirt altered by me
Handmade blouse (by unknown lolita)

Second-hand skirt
Liliet (handmade by me) blouse

Emily temple cute skirt
Second-hand shirt

Liliet (handmade by me) skirt/underskirt
Second-hand top

Lorinoko- Dryas nyx skirt
Anna house blouse (altered by someone)

BTSSB Heart heart blouse
Anna house blouse        (the figurine is too big)

Second-hand shirt altered by me
Koton blouse

Japanese offbrand blouse
Handmade blouse

Bodyline cutsew
Angelic pretty cutsew

Second-hand blouse
Bodyline cardigan

Koton blouse
Second-hand cardigan

Liliet blouse
Dear celine blouse (it is my favourite one and I have no idea where do I have it :O )

Angelic Pretty blouse (combined with my handmade apron)

Angelic Pretty cardigan
BTSSB cardigan

BTSSB cardigan
Metamorphose cardigan

Second-hand cardigan
Japanse offbrand cardigan

Emily temple cute cardigan
BTSSB cardigan

Second-hand cardigans

Second-hand cardigans

Angelic Pretty short black coat

Victorian Maiden beige coat

Mary Magdalene dusty pink coat


Antaina, BTSSB, Bodyline, Aliexpress

Innocent World, Aliexpress, Aliexpress, Bodyline

Second-hand, Secret shop, Bodyline

Primark, Bodyline, Offbrand

Bodyline, Secret shop, Second-hand

Bodyline, Bodyline, Secret shop

Vintage, Bodyline, Bodyline

Mojo moxi boots
I also have Bodyline black boots somewhere, I just have to find them  :DD

Thanks for reading ^_^

utorok 28. januára 2020

Lolita wardrobe 2020

This is my 10th year in lolita fashion and I am finally happy and satisfied with my wardrobe as is :) . Trough all those years, little by little I accomplished to get most of my dreamdresses and even quite a lot of brand pieces. This post is going to be picture heavy, as I want to show you all the lolita dresses I own (yes, even replicas- I know some of you will be against replicas, but I dont mind it that much) :D I hope you enjoy seeing my wardrobe, please tell me in the comments which of my dresses do you like the most! :) Enjoy!

1. Innocent world- Maxi tiered OP

2. AcYut Horizon- Immortals series jsk  (combined with Jetj blouse)

3. AATP- Funeral procession of rose OP

4. Oo Jia (AP replica)- Misty sky OP

5. BTSSB- Claudia, the fairytale princess OP

 6. Metamorphose- Blooming garden OP

7. Angelic pretty- Memorial cake OP

8. Angelic pretty- Sugary carnival JSK (first release)

9. Angelic pretty- Cherry berry bunny OP

10. Bodyline- Love jewelry wa-OP

11. Oo Jia design replica- La robe vert clair OP

12. AATP- La traviata JSK

13. Bodyline- Antique clock OP

14. Juliette et Justine- Parfait et un manége JSK

15. BTSSB- The secret garden- the rose has secret scent- rosette JSK

16. Quaint lass- Gli elfi di fiori JSK

17. Elpress L- Versailles dream long JSK

18. AATP- Last note- Faint spring song JSK 1

19. BTSSB- Snow dot sundress JSK

20. BTSSB- Dessert OP

21. Bodyline- Heart frill JSK

22. Handmade not by me- Frill JSK

23. Victorian maiden/Beth- Frill ribbon JSK

24. Victorian maiden- Bustle long OP

25. BTSSB- Gingham rose ribbon JSK

26. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Frill heart ApronSkirt

27. BTSSB- Rose bouquet Nia JSK

28. Infanta- Underbust JSK

29. Victorian maiden- Cordelia frill JSK

30. Juliette et Justine- Parfait et un manége JSK

31. IW remade by me- Lauretta rose JSK  -I made this dress from a skirt (it has a long story :D girl I bought it from made a skirt out of OP, but because I wear dresses more, I made it into a JSK from the waistties- I was soo happy how big the waistties were xDD)

32. BTSSB- Flower garret Scarlet long OP

33. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Amelias spring flowers long JSK

34. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Roses of my dreams JSK

35. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Shining fruit OP

36. Metamorphose- Corset style OP

37. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Rose lullaby long OP

38. Innocent World- Anniversary rose JSK

39. Taobao OP

40. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Poisoned rose JSK (in real life the velvet is green, and I forgot to attach bordeaux faux roses on the bodice :( )

41. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Fairy from ocean JSK

42. Bodyline remade by me- Rose garden JSK (made from skirt)

43. Bodyline- Love Nadia OP

44. Angelic pretty- French girl JSK

45. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Lady from poetry

46. Innocent World- Pleated JSK

47. BTSSB- Jewel tree bouquet JSK

48. AATP- Wicked queens poison cellar OP (made from skirt-not by me)

49. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Flower lady OP

50. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Violin girl JSK

51. Juliette et Justine- Star money OP

52. Juliette et Justine- Vin des nobles JSK

53. Inori- Sybill long JSK

54. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Gate OP

55. BTSSB- Karami tripple tiered JSK

56. Juliette et Justine- Dentelle antique gilet Overdress

57. Bodyline- Black frill OP

58. H&M- Velvet flowers JSK

59. Bodyline- Antique clock OP

60. very bad AP replica of Milky-chan, altered by me (it was my first lolita dress, so it has special meaning for me)

61. Sweet angel replica AP- Fantastic dolly JSK