pondelok 20. apríla 2020

Funny lolita stories from my life

Hi, I have a lot of short funny and also weird lolita stories that happened to me or my friends and I would like to share them with you.

first story:
I was on lolita meet-up in Olomouc and we went sightseeing. As we were walking by the lovely fountain, there was a longhaired guy sitting casually on it and as he noticed me, he got up, came right in front of me and kneeled down while saying ,,My princess!,, and bowed down his head. I just smiled and made a princess curtsey. :D
This is the outfit I was wearing that day:

second story:
I was walking in the town and opposite me was walking a dirty drug addict girl, she looked really bad. She stared at me with the cigarete in her hand and pointed at me ,, Oh you look awful!! ,, and spitted to the floor. I got a bit scared, but tried to look as confident as possible, I just passed by her and said ,,You are the one to talk...,,. Her shocked expression on her face was priceless :D 
Fotka Salome Caban Buschbacherovej.

third story:
I bet that with this story can relate each one of you who wear the lolita fashion on daily basis. I was working in an office and there were a lot of papers on desks and tiny space in between, so as I was walking with pile of work in my hands, I forgot to be careful with my skirt and as I walked between desks, everything fell down and my colleagues just stared at me killing me with their eyes....,,oops,, *_*

fourth story:
The best way when someone is shouting at you- trying to make you feel ashamed or is just making fun of you- is to pretend you dont care at all and try to to respond very seriously on the asked question with big confidence, as it seems they never expect this scenario might happen and after that they dont know how to respond, what to do next. They are the ones, that feel weir in the end. :D I was in town when a group of guys noticed me and shouted ,,Hey beautiful, which fairytale do you come from ?,,  and I responded with a laugh : ,,From the most beautiful one!,, their expressions were like huh? :D
Fotka Salome Caban Buschbacherovej.

fifth story:
From time to time I meet nice and kind people, such as the old granpa in this next story.
 I was sitting in a train and very old man came to me and asked me,,Lady, could it be that you are a princess?,, . Whith slight giggling I said ,,Yes,, and he asked ,,Would you mind taking a photo with me?My wife wouldnt believe I travelled with a princess!,, He took a phone out of his pocket and I was actualy surprised it had a camera, looking at how old the phone was. Of course I couldnt say no to such a kind request. :D

Fotka Salome Caban Buschbacherovej.

sixth story:
It was early evening and I was sightseeing in Bratislava with my friend, who I also dressed up in lolita. As we were passing by some really drunk guys, one looked at us with tiny squinted eyes, trying to focus. After he managed to open his eyes, he shouted ,,Holy f*ck guys! Look! I told you the time machine was real!,, :D :D :D 
Fotka Salome Caban Buschbacherovej.

seventh story:
I was walking in gothic lolita outfit near the church, when an old lady coming from the church noticed me and took a cross out of her pocket, put it in front of her and started to pray, looking at me as if I was a part of some sekt or a devil himself. I was just,shocked.I didnt know what to do. And I still dont to this day :O 
Fotka Salome Caban Buschbacherovej.

eighth story:
I was taking a bus when a lady sat beside me and started saying ,,You are so cute! and what a lovely hair!,, and started touching my wig,, I just said ,,thank you,, and hoped she would not find out it is a wig :D 
this is the outfit and wig I wore that day:

ninth story:
when I come home from town/work I sometimes dont change from lolita  dresses immediately. Most of the times when I sit on a sofa, my small dog Betty likes to snuggle under my skirt and petticoat, I used to say ,,Heey,it is not a blanket!,, and she just always looked at me with her cute puppy eyes so I just sigh a let her snuggle more. But then, our second dog Haku comes and wants to snugle under too! I just resignedly say ,,Oh great. Even my dogs love lolita.... ,, the moment I have 3 dogs, so you can imagine the struggle when they all want to hide and get comfortable in my dress :D

What are your stories? Please share them in the comments! ^_^

pondelok 17. februára 2020

Lolita wardrobe 2020 part 2

Hi there, today I decided to share with you the rest of my lolita wardrobe. As I am strongly a dress person, I dont really own that many skirts or other things, so there wont be too much :) . I didnt include my accessories as it would be very time consuming and I am not even sure someone would be interested to see, so please if you want to see part 3, leave me a comment and I might think about it :)


BTSSB Fragrant rose memories Carlotte skirt
JETJ blouse

Second-hand skirt altered by me
Chess story blouse

Replica of IW skirt
Anna house blouse

Replica of Btssb skirt
Second-hand blouse

Bodyline skirt
Second-hand blouse

Angelic Pretty Sweet berry skirt
Anna house blouse

Liliet (handmade by me) skirt
Anna house blouse

Liliet (handmade by me) skirt
Second-hand blouse

Second-hand skirt altered by me
Handmade blouse (by unknown lolita)

Second-hand skirt
Liliet (handmade by me) blouse

Emily temple cute skirt
Second-hand shirt

Liliet (handmade by me) skirt/underskirt
Second-hand top

Lorinoko- Dryas nyx skirt
Anna house blouse (altered by someone)

BTSSB Heart heart blouse
Anna house blouse        (the figurine is too big)

Second-hand shirt altered by me
Koton blouse

Japanese offbrand blouse
Handmade blouse

Bodyline cutsew
Angelic pretty cutsew

Second-hand blouse
Bodyline cardigan

Koton blouse
Second-hand cardigan

Liliet blouse
Dear celine blouse (it is my favourite one and I have no idea where do I have it :O )

Angelic Pretty blouse (combined with my handmade apron)

Angelic Pretty cardigan
BTSSB cardigan

BTSSB cardigan
Metamorphose cardigan

Second-hand cardigan
Japanse offbrand cardigan

Emily temple cute cardigan
BTSSB cardigan

Second-hand cardigans

Second-hand cardigans

Angelic Pretty short black coat

Victorian Maiden beige coat

Mary Magdalene dusty pink coat


Antaina, BTSSB, Bodyline, Aliexpress

Innocent World, Aliexpress, Aliexpress, Bodyline

Second-hand, Secret shop, Bodyline

Primark, Bodyline, Offbrand

Bodyline, Secret shop, Second-hand

Bodyline, Bodyline, Secret shop

Vintage, Bodyline, Bodyline

Mojo moxi boots
I also have Bodyline black boots somewhere, I just have to find them  :DD

Thanks for reading ^_^

utorok 28. januára 2020

Lolita wardrobe 2020

This is my 10th year in lolita fashion and I am finally happy and satisfied with my wardrobe as is :) . Trough all those years, little by little I accomplished to get most of my dreamdresses and even quite a lot of brand pieces. This post is going to be picture heavy, as I want to show you all the lolita dresses I own (yes, even replicas- I know some of you will be against replicas, but I dont mind it that much) :D I hope you enjoy seeing my wardrobe, please tell me in the comments which of my dresses do you like the most! :) Enjoy!

1. Innocent world- Maxi tiered OP

2. AcYut Horizon- Immortals series jsk  (combined with Jetj blouse)

3. AATP- Funeral procession of rose OP

4. Oo Jia (AP replica)- Misty sky OP

5. BTSSB- Claudia, the fairytale princess OP

 6. Metamorphose- Blooming garden OP

7. Angelic pretty- Memorial cake OP

8. Angelic pretty- Sugary carnival JSK (first release)

9. Angelic pretty- Cherry berry bunny OP

10. Bodyline- Love jewelry wa-OP

11. Oo Jia design replica- La robe vert clair OP

12. AATP- La traviata JSK

13. Bodyline- Antique clock OP

14. Juliette et Justine- Parfait et un manége JSK

15. BTSSB- The secret garden- the rose has secret scent- rosette JSK

16. Quaint lass- Gli elfi di fiori JSK

17. Elpress L- Versailles dream long JSK

18. AATP- Last note- Faint spring song JSK 1

19. BTSSB- Snow dot sundress JSK

20. BTSSB- Dessert OP

21. Bodyline- Heart frill JSK

22. Handmade not by me- Frill JSK

23. Victorian maiden/Beth- Frill ribbon JSK

24. Victorian maiden- Bustle long OP

25. BTSSB- Gingham rose ribbon JSK

26. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Frill heart ApronSkirt

27. BTSSB- Rose bouquet Nia JSK

28. Infanta- Underbust JSK

29. Victorian maiden- Cordelia frill JSK

30. Juliette et Justine- Parfait et un manége JSK

31. IW remade by me- Lauretta rose JSK  -I made this dress from a skirt (it has a long story :D girl I bought it from made a skirt out of OP, but because I wear dresses more, I made it into a JSK from the waistties- I was soo happy how big the waistties were xDD)

32. BTSSB- Flower garret Scarlet long OP

33. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Amelias spring flowers long JSK

34. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Roses of my dreams JSK

35. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Shining fruit OP

36. Metamorphose- Corset style OP

37. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Rose lullaby long OP

38. Innocent World- Anniversary rose JSK

39. Taobao OP

40. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Poisoned rose JSK (in real life the velvet is green, and I forgot to attach bordeaux faux roses on the bodice :( )

41. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Fairy from ocean JSK

42. Bodyline remade by me- Rose garden JSK (made from skirt)

43. Bodyline- Love Nadia OP

44. Angelic pretty- French girl JSK

45. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Lady from poetry

46. Innocent World- Pleated JSK

47. BTSSB- Jewel tree bouquet JSK

48. AATP- Wicked queens poison cellar OP (made from skirt-not by me)

49. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Flower lady OP

50. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Violin girl JSK

51. Juliette et Justine- Star money OP

52. Juliette et Justine- Vin des nobles JSK

53. Inori- Sybill long JSK

54. Liliet (Handmade by me)- Gate OP

55. BTSSB- Karami tripple tiered JSK

56. Juliette et Justine- Dentelle antique gilet Overdress

57. Bodyline- Black frill OP

58. H&M- Velvet flowers JSK

59. Bodyline- Antique clock OP

60. very bad AP replica of Milky-chan, altered by me (it was my first lolita dress, so it has special meaning for me)

61. Sweet angel replica AP- Fantastic dolly JSK