streda 14. augusta 2013

Few summer outfits

Hello my dears! :) Today I will show you some of my summer outfits (the ones that I havent forgotten to take xD )

1.  Meet with my classmates
Skirt, Shoes: Bodyline
Tights: Ebay
Wristcuffs, Headbow( cannot be seen) : handmade by me
Cardigan: Atmosphere
Shirt: offbrand

2.  Went shopping with my mom
Dress: handmade by me
Wig: Ebay
Bows: local shop
Shoes: Bodyline 

3. Went to the library
Skirt, Headbow: handmade by me
Socks: Secret shop
Shoes, Shirt, Cardigan: offbrand

4. Just went to a post office
Skirt, Shirt, Pearls: offbrand
Headdress, Headbow, Socks: handmade by me
Shoes: An-tai-na
Umbrella:  local shop

5. Grandmother s birthday
Dress, Bonnet, Socks: handmade by me
Bangs, Scarf, Headband: local shop 
Shoes: Secret shop

6.  Day with my grandparents
Skirt: Lorinoko
Shirt, Leggins, Shoes: offbrand
Cardigan: New look
Flower headband: made by me from meaow flowers :)

7. Just took  photo in my Sugar fairy cake skirt, because I traded it for btssb dress 

Skirt, Headbow: Angelic pretty
Deco dream pony bag: Oo jia
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: An-tai-na
Shirt: Alered by me ( I repainted it and sewed lace on it)
Wig: ebay
Ponytails: local shop

8. Went to a library again

Blouse: Atmosphere
Short dress: River island
Overskirt and Headbow:  Handmade by me
Shoes: Bodyline

9. Went on funeral
Dress: second hand
Headdress: Gate
Shoes: offbrand
Bag: from my greatgrandmother

10.   Went to town with my mother
Dress: Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse: Atmosphere
Hat: handmade by me
Shoes ( I didnt take a photo of them) : offbrand

Here is hat detail photo :

And I also tried to do a new make up :) :) :

If you would like, I can make tutorial :)

I hope you like it, and please write comment, I will be very happy :) :)  .. Nice day! :)

sobota 10. augusta 2013

Summer lolita meet-up

Hi my dears, I hope you all have a great summer just like me :) I am just at home most of days, because it is so hot outside that Im even lazier than usual (and I bet no one is as lazy as me :D ) , I lay and watch anime, read fanfictions and books and sometimes I go out with friends :) With few other friends we organized small lolita meet-up in Žilina for the first time (usually we have meet-ups in Bratislava) and I need to say that people living there suprised me, they were friendly and kind, no one took photo of us without asking :) . All photos in this article made Sysa ( ) , but I have permision to post them here :) .

We met on a station and went in a shopping mall. We decided to take a look in a store called Koton and found there a lot of beautiful clothes and accessories.
We found comfortable coffee house and spent there a lot of time drinking yumi coctails and talking.

 When we walked trough the streets, we accidentally found ourselves at the wedding, and even bride stared at us, so we were given more attention than poor bride :D .

Sysa and her beautiful hat :)

Me, Nexus, Sysa and Rinako , trying to make duckface xD :D

It was very hot day and at the end we were very tired. But it was great day.

My outfit:
OP and headbow: Baby, the stars shine bright
Deco dream pony bag: Oo jia
Shoes: Bodyline
Wristcuffs, socks, star: handmade by me
Necklace : present

And just detail

I hope you like it   :)

nedeľa 12. mája 2013

Rose symphony OP

Rose symphony OP    reserved
Hello dears, today I want to show you my new dress I made. I want to open my new very small ,,brand,, with lolita clothes, and this is the first piece of my spring/summer cellection :) . I am not going to tell you name of my ,,brand,, yet :) .  The name of dress is Rose symphony , it is size M-L , it is made from two different fabrics and it has glyed top. The price is 50 euros without shipping (sorry guys but it cant be cheaper because of expensive fabrics ) . Here are worn and unworn photos of dress (it is quiet big on me, so it doesnt as good as it should) . If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) :) . You can contact me here or on my facebook : Salome Buschbacherová . Nice day to all of you and I hope you like it :) .

(ahojte, dnes vám chcem ukázať nové šaty ktoré som ušila. Chcem si otvoriť malú ,,značku,, s lolita oblečením, a toto je prvý kúsok mojej jarnej/letnej ,,kolekcie,, :) . Zatial vám nejdem povedať meno mojej značky.    
Meno šiat je Rose symphony , veľkosť je M-L , šaty pozostávajú z dvoch odliśnćh látok (jedna je prekrytá druhou)  a majú podšitý vrchný diel . Cena je 50 eur bez poštovného/ alebo je možné osobné predanie , (sory ale cena nemôže byť nižšia keďže látky boli dosť drahé). Tu môžte vidieť fotky oblečených aj neoblečených šiat (sú na mne celkom veľké, tak to nevyzerá až tak dobre ako by malo ). Ak máte nejaké otázky, nebojte sa spýtať :) :) . Kontaktovať ma môžte tu alebo na mojom facebooku: Salome Buschbacherová . Prajem vám všetkým pekný deň a dúfam že s vám páčia :) .

Front top (predný rchný diel) the middle part is elastic  ( stredná časť je elastická / naťahovacia)

Back top (zadný vrchný diel)

It will also contain headbow in this shape ( I also made this one, so it will be same :) ) and Navy ribbon you can see on the first picture :)

This time i tried to make similar dress as this one from Moi meme moitie , so this was my big inspiration:
(tento krát som sa snažila ušiť podobné šaty ako tieto z Moi meme moitie, ktoré boli mojou veľkou inšpiráciou na ich ušitie :) ) :

Please Write a comment, I will be happy :) :)

pondelok 22. apríla 2013

Animeshow 2013 (march)

Hello my dears, I am sorry that I dont make any posts last few mounths , but I have quiet hard school this year ( and I cant imagine what it will be another year, when I will have my graduation exams xDD ) , but I hve so many things I want to show you :) . I decided that today I will show you my outfits from Animeshow, which is great convention in Slovakia, where I go every year. I dont have my own photos (I forgot to take pictures ) , so all of them I just found on their facebook page :) .  Despite the fact that I was sick and was on antibiotics, I had a great time and met great people :) :) 

with my friend Romča :) she is soo cute and sweet :) :D

With Neko-chan ,, I love her outfits, she looks great as always :) and here I look horrible :D but never mind, it is only photo we took together

and all other photos I found, were just something like this xD

and I found photo with similar oufit, I had just different headbow :) (this one is handmade by me)
Jsk: Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse, Shoes: Bodyline
Bag, Socks, Headband, Wristcuffs: Handmade by me
Tights: Ebay

This photo was taken in the evening, so I look kind of tired 
 Skirt: Angelic pretty
Blouse,Socks: Bodyline
Headdress, Wristcuffs: Handmade by me
Shoes: Antaina
Pony bag: Oo jia
Wig: Ebay

here you can see cute headdress I made myself, I like it so much :)

and with two cute new Slovak lolis :) they were so pretty :)

I bought just few posters and keychains, so I didnt tke photo of it :)

I hope you like my outfits,and I will be happy if you write a comment :) Nice day to all of you :)

štvrtok 28. marca 2013

Black circle lenses

Hello my dears, I didnt write for a while , but I have a lots of new stuff, so today I show you one of them- my black circle lenses :) .

I bought them from this website for good price (20eur) :
I am very satisfied with their quality. The lens has 17 mm so it make you really big eyes.

First time I wanted to try them, I failed and thought that my eyes are too small for this lenses, ut when I tried again, after 15 minutes hard work I finally put them in. :D When I looked to the mirror, I couldnt recognise myself :D It looks so different, that it is strange . I like it so much, because I think I can look like a doll with this lenses, but my mum dont like it, she told me that it looks scary.
But I hope you will like it :) Here are some photos :

 On this photo you can see the difference ( on the left side eye with lens ,  on the right side eye without lens)
 With wig (sorry for that finger)

And without wig

What do you think ?  Does it look cute or scary?  And if you are wearing cercles, in which colour ? :)

sobota 2. marca 2013

New stuff! :3

Hello my dears, today I want to show you my new items I got in the last month. Here they are :)

Porcelain doll in wedding dress my  mother bought me. I am in love with her face, she is so beautiful :)

Heartbag I made myself. Isnt that cute? :D :)

Black long dress from second hand. I really love it :))  (it doesnt look that pretty in picture)

Old clock my greatgrandmother gave me, when I was at her house to celebrate her 88 birthday! She told me about second world war, when she was 17 years old, and we had a great time. She died today. So I am very happy that she gave me this.  :((

My friend bought this gorgeous book for me, it was really cool and exciting. The only thing I dont like on the book is, that the names ( for example Miyuki Miyabe is not written correctly )

I had a holida this week, so I made a new headdress. I like it, and cant wait to wear it! :)

I found this BEAUUUTIFUL headband in second hand and orriginaly its from Primark. The roses are so pretty.

I ordered this cute collar from ebay, and it looks great :)

Summer dress from gate, I am happy that I found this babe :)

I made a new wristcuffs because I had only few :)

And I also made this BIG flower headband :D :D

And finally, the last thing I got, is this cuuute deco dream pony bag. It is Angelic pretty replica from Oo jia :) I cant wait to wear it with my decoratin dream skirt :):)

I hope you like my new items, and I will be happy if you write a comment :) I wish you nice day :)