streda 29. augusta 2012

my new selfmade hair accesories

hello my dears :) today I made two cute hairaccesories ,,, I hope you will like them

 yay! my present hat :D isnt it great? :D :D
 and my heart cupcake hat :)
the worn pictures will be soon :)) 

nice day to everyone! :)

nedeľa 26. augusta 2012

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style

this is a little hard for me, cause I never had feeling that someone inspired me, or, that I was inspired from any specific loli. But I can put here lolitas, which style of wearing this style I like :)

1. Herajika ,,, her outfits are really gorgeous!!! :) just love all of her coords and dresses.

2.  Misako Aoki ,, sooo cute ^^

3. Shelby Cloud ,, cause i liked her videos and she looks pretty :)

4. Cyril Lumboy / Dolldeligh ,,, she is amazing dress designer! ,, loove her work ^^

5. One on the left (dont know her name),, because she is the most cute lolita I have ever seen ^^

6.  Karin Hoshikawa ,, kawaii loli :) , and all of her photos are great :)

7. author of New Vogue Children blog ,, I like her blog and she has pretty and ellegant coordinates :)

8. Rinako ,,, because she looks like a doll ^^ ^^ 

9. Momoko from Kamikaze girls

 10. dont know her name, but she was the first lolita Ive ever seen,, and then ňi fell in love... :D :)  (btw she wears my dreamdress :D )

piatok 24. augusta 2012

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita

1. Internet,, if I didnt have internet, Ill never know about lolita .. and then here are all of online shops
2. Money,, lolita is really expensive, so I need money
3. OPs , just LOVE them!
4. Parasol,, in sunny summer days I cant live without parasol , just cant :D
5. Petticoats,, without  them doesnt have skirt cute cake shape :)
6. Cute sweet prints!
7. Loli shoes,, I started like shoes, when I bought one pair of loli shoes,, most of them are soo pretty :3
8. Sewing and sewing machine,, it makes me fun when I sew my own models
9. Loli blouses,, they have soo kawaii collar! I dont like any other blouses, but that loli are really nice :)
10. Other slovak lolitas,, all of them were so nice, and Im hapy when I can be with them,  its really different cause I feel more safely, not like when Im somewhere as a lolita alone.

    Kawaiiii :3

štvrtok 23. augusta 2012

My handmade items

Konbanwa :) today I want to show you most of my handmade items I made :) I dont have many handmade clothes and Im still not very good in sewing but I like it :) :D and I hope you will like some of my work too :) 

left: Ending flowers ,, it was my first handmade dress ever :D ,, it doesnt look great but I still like it 
right: Shining fruit ,, I LOVE this fabric soo much! 

It doesnt look good on photo but it is my long summer dress which is one of my favourite from non loli dresses :D ,, oh and sorry for my foot :D

 left: Hana no hime ,, I think this dress is soo cute :)
right: my first handmade yukata/ kimono with long sleeves ,, it looks better when its worn
with this dress I made detachable sleeves, detachable bow and detachable ruffle thing on neck or bust ( just dont know how its called xD ) and big hairbow :) 

left: Fairy from ocean ,, I just try to sew something different, but still cute and lolitaish 
right: Dark moon,,  once it will be Jsk :D

left: Lady-bug ,, I think its my first handmade skirt? or not? xD
right: skirt which can be used like petticoat ,,I sewed it for my friend :)

left: Summer melody ,, skirt great for summer :)
right: Sora ,, skirt which I sometimes use like petticoat

and just some of my handmade accesories :D 

At last but not least,  my handmade bonnets which i reaaaaally like :) I loove bonnets :D :D

So, it is evrything for today, please comment, Ill be very happy :) :D

štvrtok 2. augusta 2012

decoration dream ^^

here are two of my outfits with decoration dream apron skirt ^^  
I love that print soo much :)))

 This is my sweet coord ^^

Bows: bodyline
Blouse: bodyline
Skirt: angelic pretty
Socks: secret shop
Shoes: an-tai-na
Accesories: offbrand 

 The second one should be something like casual lolita outfit :)
Cutsew: offbrand
Skirt: ap
Socks: bodyline
Rhs: bodyline

hope you like it :))