streda 31. októbra 2012

Lolitas Without A Cause

I found a new cuute lolita video on youtube :)  :D It should be a good movie if they will do :)

2 outfits

hello my dears! today Im going to show you few photos with my outfit from yesterday  and today. :) ( robili sme prvákom bažantský- imatrikulácie, bolo celkom fajne, ale všetci sa ešte na začiatku tak opili, že asi v polovici nám to profáci zrušili :/ ,, ale dalo sa to čakať :D,, čo už  )

here is my outfit from yesterday:

 Sweater, shirt: offbrand
 Tights: Ebay
 Skirt: Little chilli shop
 Roses: (in hair) Bodyline
 Boots: Deichman

I look here little strange, hehe :D :D ,, but dont know why :D

aand photo with my clasmate and my clasmates when we danced :D  sorry for that strange face :D
:D :D :D

todays outfit:

 Bonnet, Wristcuffs, Socks: Handmade
 Blouse, Tutu, Bow, Shoes: Bodyline
 Tights: Ebay
 Corset, Heart necklace: Offbrand

 or without bonnet

hope you like it, please commen, I will be happy :) :) ,,, and great Haloween for everyone!! :) :)

pondelok 29. októbra 2012

Yuki ga futte iru ^^

hello everyone! :) The snow is falling today and the land looks so nice now ^^  ...  But its also very cold here and I dont like winter as much as summer, but never mind. Im going to show you few photos of my town and country with white carpet everywhere :)  :)  ,, and one photo of me from friday ^^

my photos from today :

And just my very casual lolita outfit from friday, cause I had a perfomance , when I sang three beautiful classical songs, but as always, I dont have any video from there :(  (the names of songs: first and secon in Italin language :  O cessate di piagarmi.,, Nina., and one song in slovak language- V našom dvore na javore ,, which is veeery beautiful and sad song )  :D :) ,,, nd sorry. lithing is really bad :/
 blouse: offbrand
shoes: Deichman
skirt: Handmade by me

hope you like it, please comment and follow me, I will be very gratefull :) :) ^^ ,, nice day! :)

štvrtok 25. októbra 2012

how I cut my wig

hello cuties, yesterdy I had nothing to do, and I found my old strange cheap wig, so I cut it a little and made a photos :D here they are:

(before cut it has no bangs)
 bonnet and pearl bow i handmade by me :)

hope you like it :) see you soon :)

štvrtok 18. októbra 2012

I was born in a wrong country and wrong century

hello everyone :D ,, here s just some photos of me in my chinese-like outfit :D :) it is not as good as I wanted to be, but I hope the next time I will be better :)) ,, Hope that all of you had great day,,, in my town finally shine sun today, I was really happy :D :)

:) sorry for that much photos, I just dont know which one is better :D :D

streda 10. októbra 2012

My bodyline haul :)

yesterday came my package from bodyline , I am soo happy :D . I ordered jsk, blouse and socks from Bl and bat tights from shop on ebay, so I show you ma haul and my first coord with new jsk :) :D I hope you will like it :)

the coord:
all I need to make is black bonnet, which will match this dress (the one on photo is turquis) (and sorry for bad photos of me, I dont have any make-up instead of mascara, so I look little strange :D :D )

Jsk, headbow, shoes, socks: Bodyline
Blouse, collar: offbrand
Bonnet: handmade

and now all of my order and details :

 my cuute light blue blouse :))

and my supercool bat tights!! :D

I wanted to wear this coord for a haloween meet up, but I will probably wear different dress :D ,, hmm still not sure :D
thats all for today :D thank you for reading :)