štvrtok 23. októbra 2014

HUGE LOLITA ORDER :3 and news from my life

Hi dears, I hope you didnt forget about me, I am still alive! :D I have many news in my life, I succesfully finished my grammar school (gymnasium) and I decided not to go in any university this year, because I still didnt make up a decision what I would love to study. At first I wanted to go on school of arts and study fashion designing because I love to create and sew my own clothes but I am very sure I would hate all of it later because I would HAVE TO do it, and I dont want it to happen, I still want to create new clothes with joy and so I  think it would be better for me if sewing,drawing and all those stuff will stay just as my hobby. :) I realised I want to be helpful for others in my life and thats why I am thinking about phylosophy or something like that. Nooow the biggest new.... I moved in UK! :D I didnt know what to do with whole year without school and I didnt want to waste time just laying around and doing nothing, so whem my mums colleague called from UK that in pub where she was working during the summer they need someone as soon as possible, I couldnt say no! I wanted to go abroad, but it actually all happened very quickly. I had two, yes just TWO days to book a flight, pack everything I wanted to take with me, meet with all people I wanted to say goodbye to and then start the new journey in my life absolutely alone. It was my first time flying on airplane so I was little scared at first, but I have to say it was just AMAZING :O I loved all the clouds and brightness of the sun trying to find its way to go trought them, it looked like a different world or a fairy tale, so I was daily dreaming the whole time haha :D So thats it, now I am in UK and I love it here. I can tell you more informations some other time, but now, its time for you to see all the new lolita clothes I ordered since august :3 (because I took just 2 lolita dresses with me, of course I needed to buy new clothes haha :P) LETS START, WUHUUU ^_^ !!!


1. Angelic pretty, Chocolate polkadot OP in pink

2. Victorian maiden  Pink bustle OP

3. Baby the stars shine bright, Velour tiered Jsk in navy

4. Angelic pretty, Cherry berry bunny OP in sax (my dreamdress! <3)

5. Angelic pretty, Cherry berry bunny Jsk in black + headbow

6. Angelic pretty, Happy garden Jsk in lavender

7. Baby the stars shine bright, Gingham rose ribbon OP in mint (another dreamdress!)

8. Metamorphose, oldschool OP in black

 9. Bodyline, floral OP

 10. Vintage, set (skirt and blouse) in black

11. Bodyline, Antique clock OP in grey (I already own green)


1. Innocent world, Pompadour skirt in cream


1. Baby the stars shine bright blouse in white

2. Baby the stars shine bright cardigan in pink (photo is not mine)

3. Angelic pretty cardigan in pink

4. Bodyline cardigan in blue (photo is not mine)


1. Bodyline shoes in pink

2. Bodyline shoes in white (photo is not mine)

3. Secret shop shoes in navy

4. Bodyline shoes in black

5. Bodyline shoes in blue


1. Angelic pretty bloomers

2. Baby the stars shine bright parasol in pink (photo is not mine)

3. Metamorphose bag in black (photo is not mine)

4. offbrand tights in green/beige

5. offbrand tights in pink

6. offbrand tights in black

 7. offbrand rose hairband

8. Angelic pretty, Lyrical bunny bracelet and ring set

9. Angelic pretty, Crystal toilette neclace

10. offbrand cherry hairclips

uhhh soo many things :O :D I plan on doing video when all the things will come, so then I will share with you ^_^

I hope you enojyed it and hopefully see you soon <3 Thank you for reading and your comments ^_^

streda 15. januára 2014

DS: Btssb Lovely sweet room skirt in pink!

Hi my dears, I really need money as soon as possible,so I need to sell some stuff. please look if there is something you are interested in and write me. :)

1.  Baby the stars shine bright Lovely sweet room print skirt in pink :
 measurments: waist 62-72/73 cm
                      lenght 51 cm
it is in great condition, it includes waistties, and it has really cute details :)
I am asking 90 eur shipped


photo of worn skirt

2. Offbrand white blouse with long sleeves  -SOLD!
size S/M  (I dont know measurmenst)
I am selling it for 13 eur shipped in europe, 15 eur in us


3.  pink skirt handmade by me
waist measurments 64-84 cm
I am selling it for 13 eur shipped in eu, 15 eur in US


4. offbrand loliable white blouse -SOLD
size S
I am selling it for 5 eur plus shipping (around 3 eur :) )

thank you for reading this, and please let me know if you are intersted, I really need money so I am taking offers and payment plans :)

I wish you all nice day! :)

pondelok 6. januára 2014

My lolita wardrobe post ( Jan 2014)

Hi my dear readers, finally I wanna show you my lolita wardrobe ^^
Here is the FIRST PART which consists of my DRESSES and SKIRTS.
I know I still dont have as many and as gorgeous pieces as others, but still, I hope you would like it :) .

Baby the stars shine bright- Snow polkadot sundress JSK

Handmade by me- Hana no hime OP

Baby the stars shine bright- Twinkle constellation OP

Angelic pretty- Memorial cake OP

Bodyline- Love jewelry wa OP

Oo Jia- La robe vert clair OP

Alice and the pirates- Double lobelia JSK
( will come at the end of month, I will change photo then :) )
Oo Jia- Misty sky OP

Handmade by me- Fairy from ocean OP

Handmade by me- Antique doll JSK

Bodyline- Antique clock OP

Handmade by me- Shining fruit JSK

Handmade by me- Ending flowers JSK 
(it was my first handmade dress, so it doesnt look very good xD)

Handmade by me- Roses of my dreams JSK

 Offbrand- Hiding flowers OP

Baby the stars shine bright- Rose bouquet Nia JSK

Innocent world- (dont know name :D ) JSK

Baby the stars shine bright- Jewel tree bouquet JSK

Milky-chan replica altered by me

Angelic pretty- Toy parade JSK
( will come at the end of month, I will change photo then :) )

Bodyline- Heart frills JSK

Offrand OP

Offbrand JSK

Offbrand aristocrat long OP

 Bodyline- Puppy skirt
( will come at the end of month, I will change photo then :) )

Handmade by me- Lady bug skirt

 Baby the stars shine bright- Hem scallop skirt

 Offbrand long skirt

Handmade by me- Night is bright skirt

Lorinoko- Dryas nyx skirt

 Handmade by me- Rose lullaby skirt

 Handmade by me- Sleeping princess skirt

Handmade by me-  lace overskirt

 Angelic pretty- Decoration dream Apron skirt

Handmade by me- Summer melody overskirt

 Baby the stars shine bright- Lovely sweet room skirt

Offbrand- Frill princess skirt

 I hope you enjoyed it! ^^
Did you also make your own wardrobe post you would like to share with me? :) If yes, just put the link of your post in comments, I would love to see it ^^

Btw, I wish you all nice year 2014 :)