štvrtok 28. marca 2013

Black circle lenses

Hello my dears, I didnt write for a while , but I have a lots of new stuff, so today I show you one of them- my black circle lenses :) .

I bought them from this website for good price (20eur) :
I am very satisfied with their quality. The lens has 17 mm so it make you really big eyes.

First time I wanted to try them, I failed and thought that my eyes are too small for this lenses, ut when I tried again, after 15 minutes hard work I finally put them in. :D When I looked to the mirror, I couldnt recognise myself :D It looks so different, that it is strange . I like it so much, because I think I can look like a doll with this lenses, but my mum dont like it, she told me that it looks scary.
But I hope you will like it :) Here are some photos :

 On this photo you can see the difference ( on the left side eye with lens ,  on the right side eye without lens)
 With wig (sorry for that finger)

And without wig

What do you think ?  Does it look cute or scary?  And if you are wearing cercles, in which colour ? :)

sobota 2. marca 2013

New stuff! :3

Hello my dears, today I want to show you my new items I got in the last month. Here they are :)

Porcelain doll in wedding dress my  mother bought me. I am in love with her face, she is so beautiful :)

Heartbag I made myself. Isnt that cute? :D :)

Black long dress from second hand. I really love it :))  (it doesnt look that pretty in picture)

Old clock my greatgrandmother gave me, when I was at her house to celebrate her 88 birthday! She told me about second world war, when she was 17 years old, and we had a great time. She died today. So I am very happy that she gave me this.  :((

My friend bought this gorgeous book for me, it was really cool and exciting. The only thing I dont like on the book is, that the names ( for example Miyuki Miyabe is not written correctly )

I had a holida this week, so I made a new headdress. I like it, and cant wait to wear it! :)

I found this BEAUUUTIFUL headband in second hand and orriginaly its from Primark. The roses are so pretty.

I ordered this cute collar from ebay, and it looks great :)

Summer dress from gate, I am happy that I found this babe :)

I made a new wristcuffs because I had only few :)

And I also made this BIG flower headband :D :D

And finally, the last thing I got, is this cuuute deco dream pony bag. It is Angelic pretty replica from Oo jia :) I cant wait to wear it with my decoratin dream skirt :):)

I hope you like my new items, and I will be happy if you write a comment :) I wish you nice day :)