pondelok 23. júla 2012

My Angelic pretty haul

this morning came my package from AP :D Im soo happy ,, I ordered one of my favourite prints- decoration dream, it is apron skirt in crem/ yellow and I think its absolutelly adorable and cute! I cant wait to wear it :) :D  
And of course, some photos :
 Angelic pretty package, cuuute :)
 nálepka :)
 my decoration dream! I love it :D
 the apron
 print ^_^
 and skirt without apron

neviem prećo, ale väćśinu fotiek mi otočilo a neviem ich pretočiť :/  honto ni gomen nasai :(

nedeľa 22. júla 2012

my new handmade bonnet and dress or what Im doing when Im bored :D

the dress I made a few days ago and today I made bonnet from similar fabric with cute small dress for my bear :D :D soo here it is:  (sorry for bad photos :/ )

 the back of bonnet

on this photos is sooo bad lithing ://  dress has tottaly diferent colour

Hope you like it :)

sobota 14. júla 2012

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like. ,Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

Yesterday I forgot to do this challenge, so now Im going to do both day 4 and day 5  :D 

DAY 4 :
1. Strawberry
2. Tomatoes (I cant live without them :D)
3. Cakes
4. Chips
5. Kapustnica :D (dont know how it is called in english)
6. Bacon
7. Sushi and other Japanese foods
8. Potato salad with small octopuses
9. Lollipop
10. Sweet bubblegum

and DAY 5: I have two wishlistes- one performable  and second probably unrealizable. So I show you that unrealizable:

1. Memorial cake chest frill Jsk or OP in pink or blue - Angelic pretty

2. Cherry berry bunny OP in blue- angelic pretty
3. Iron gate OP black x navy - Moi meme moitie
 4.  Gingham rose ribbon jsk in mint- Btssb
5. happy garden in blue- Angelic pretty
6. Dreamy dollhouse OP or Jsk in mint- Angelic pretty
7. Dessert OP in ivory, pink, black or white- Btssb
8. Decoration dream back frill Jsk or chest switching Jsk in blue, pink or yellow- Angelic pretty

9. Twinkle constellation and the Stars of Confeito OP in yellow (Shiny Canopus) or navy blue (Twinkle Polaris)- Btssb
10. Baby the stars shine bright Baby bird cage or rich frilled umbrella/ parasol in pink or white

Hope you like it :)

štvrtok 12. júla 2012

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

1. Price
2. I can buy lolita clothes only from internet or sew it
3. Socks are always falling down, which is really annoying
4. Sizing,, everything is big on me
5. Impracticableness (nepraktickosť)
6. Cheap lace
7. Sailor lolita
8. People who are not considerate
really dont know any other things I hate :D

streda 11. júla 2012

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

hello :)  It will be hard to choose only 10 things, cause I lovethaat much about lolita :D  But, I try to choose :D

1. Detailing (I mean everything,, lace, print, accesories,... )
2. Adorable prints
3. Big full skirts
4. Colourfulness
5. Looking like a doll
6. that it is something diferent compared  to another styles
7. Bonnets, I absolutely love them
8. Cute things like frills, laces, bows, soft colours
9. That there isnt only a one type of lolita but there are many types, and every style looks so diferent
10. Shoes

I love this picture :)  :D
I dont own the picture. I have it from:

utorok 10. júla 2012

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

Hi :D I am going to do 30 days lolita challenge. I wanted do this challenge long time ago, but I was so lazy and I still dont know what to write about my lolita bubble :D :D . But want to do other days soo here is first one:

1.I am into lolita fashion only a short time, I think its not either a year, but I had feeling that I am lolita till was small, I really find myself   in lolita :)
2. I am not everyday lolita, but I want to be
3. I like sewing lolita dresses and another lolita clothing
4. I love the most sweet lolita
5. I cant live without big skirts andbeautiful prints
6. I like everything what is sweet, cute, beautiful, extravagant,... and all of this lolita has
7. When i am wearing lolita I have feeling that I am spesial, that I musnt live in a reality with many bad causes
8. I cant imagine live without lolita
9. I hope i could be lolita when I ll be older 
10. And I hope too, that once would people look at lolita like to something nice :)

it is not too good, but either not that bad as I thought. :D :D

Fairy kei or decora??

today was really boring day, so I did an outfit that is something between decora and fairy kei (I think). Here it is :

Hope you like it :)

blouse: bodyline
petticoats: bodyline
shoes: an-tai-na
wristcuffs: handmade
socks: bodyline, secret shop
accesories: bodyline, handmade, offbrand

Little introduction

Hello everyone :)) , my name is Salome. I am trying to be lolita (i cant tell, that I trully am) , and this blog will be about lolitas and another japanese fashion styles , my sewing and drawing work and about some stuff I like :) . I want to tell, that my english is not too good, but I will try my best to write everything correctly. hope you will like this blog :)

This is photo of my first lolita coordination. Yay :D But back then I didnt own any lolita shoes so it looks little strange with this black one :D

dress, bow, wristcuffs: dream of lolita (replica of angelic pretty Milky-chan dress)
panda bag: handmade
accesories: ebay
shoes: offbrand