štvrtok 20. decembra 2012

Lolita in winter (photos)

Hello my dears! I want to show you few (ok, MANY xD) photosof me from my photoshooting that was last weekend :) I dont go in lolita in my town very often, and if I go, than just in very casual lolita outfit, so it was really uncomfortable when all people stares at me and asked for what ocasion is it :D but it was fun :) ,, I hope you will like photos ^^ .

                            Jsk, bonnet, headbow: handmade by me (Antique doll set)
                            Socks, roses: bodyline
                            Coat, shoes, blouse: offbrand

I am really sorry I know that it is like HUUUGE post of photos, but it was so hard for me to reduce 150 photos to less than 20 xDD ,, I still hope you like it , and Ill be very happy if you write a ccomment :) :) ,, Nice day to all of you :)  ^^