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Lolita wardrobe 2018- DRESSES part

Hi, I decided to show you my lolita wardrobe- dresses. This is just the first part of it, I have more dresses at my moms house. Unfortunately I didnt have time to do it sooner and also my camera is super bad, so forgive me for the quality of the photos, I just wanted to share what I have :) . Lets begin then.


AATP- Last note-faint spring song JSK1                 Vintage- Purple rose garden dress JSK                                                                             

Meta- Blooming garden OP                               IW- Floral maxidress OP

Quaint lass- Gli elfi di fiori JSK                         JETJ- Parfait et un manége JSK
This is my favourite nonbrand dress, it            At the moment is this beauty my favourite one,
has so many gorgeous details! :)                     I love the print, colours, is perfect <3  

Made myself- Roses of my dreams JSK          VM- Frill ribbon JSK
I cant be happier by how this dress turned
out, I simply love it <3

BTSSB- Flower Garret Scarlet long OP            VM- Cordelia frill JSK
If I should choose one dress I would never
sell, it would be this beauty <3

BTSSB- Dessert OP                                        VM- Bustle long OP
                                                                         This dress started my love for classic lolita <3

BTSSB- Rose bouquet Nia JSK                         BTSSB- Gingham rose ribbon JSK
This is definitely the most complimented
dress from non lolita friends and strangers :)

AP- French girl JSK                                        IW- (dont know the name) JSK

Bodyline- Love Nadia JSK                                         Bodyline- Antique clock OP

 IW- Anniversary rose JSK                                            Oo Jia- Misty sky replica OP
This is definitely my most worn dress, 
I wear it way too often :D (Do you also have
a dress like that? )

AcYut Horizon- Immortals series JSK                   CEL- The saints prayer JSK

AATP- Funeral procession of rose OP              JETJ- Star money OP
                                                                          This dress started my crazy love for JETJ <3

JETJ- Vin des nobles JSK                                          Made by me- The violin girl JSK

JETJ- Dentelle antique robe OP                            JETJ- Dentelle antique gilet Overdress

MMM- Rose polkadot tulle OP                             Bodyline - Black frill OP

BTSSB- Karami triple tiered JSK                          Vintage- Lovely dirndl JSK
                                                                              I absolutely adore austrian dirndls, I am 
                                                                              planning to buy more :D

AATP- Wicked queens poison cellar OP               Replica of Fantastic dolly JSK

AP- Ichigo millefeuille OP                                     AP- Decoration dream apron JSK

Bodyline- Antique clock OP

Is there any dress you like? If yes, which dress do you like the most? 
Do you also have a lolita wardrobe post? Please leave me link in the comments! :)

Have a lovely day, and see you next time! :)

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